Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jack and Jill

Last May, our newest nephew was born! (Courtesy of Matt's sister Beth and brother-in-law Kevin).
Jack Wesley Jones was born 11 weeks early, and was in the NICU for quite a long time, but is now a big baby boy, and growing like a weed.  Right now, he's only 3 lbs lighter than Jillian, and he's 6 months younger AND a preemie.  He'll fly past her soon enough!

Anyway, once Beth and Kevin told us all what Jack's name was, we all got the biggest chuckle.  Our family has a Jack and Jill!  And in case you are wondering... yes, in a few years time, we will be taking a picture of them walking up a hill :)  Just not the picture of them both tumbling down...

At Thanksgiving, Jack was finally big and sturdy enough for Jillian to interact with him, and we got some really good photos.  Just wanted to share our Jack and Jill with all of you!

 Jillian going in for a kiss

A little attitude during picture time

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  1. Oh they look so sweet together. And I would totally take the tumbling down photo. Faked of course.