Friday, July 17, 2009

Amazing, but a little freaky...

Sorry to be so long in posting – I’ll try to catch you up on some significant happenings this week…

First off – we reached 23 weeks last Saturday, and I can’t believe we’ll be at 24 weeks tomorrow! That’s 6 months!!! Oh my – the time is flying. As of 19 weeks, I started to feel the first bits of movement from our tadpole, and in typical tadpole fashion, they were light little pokes. Well, the tadpole is quickly growing in to a frog :) Those pokes have become A LOT more frequent, a lot more forceful, and I feel her moving all the time. Don’t get me wrong – it’s so cool to know she’s there, and to feel her moving. It’s an amazing experience. But here I was yesterday in a conference with my boss, trying to keep a straight face as an elbow/knee/foot/hand, kept giving me the jabs. There’s a pretty elaborate gymnastics floor or bar routine going on in there! Even last night, I woke up at 2 in the morning, and then couldn’t get back to sleep from all the movement. I guess she hasn’t figured out when bed time is ;)

But the ‘amazing yet freaky’ thing happened this weekend – I SAW her move! I was lying on the couch watching the Harry Potter marathon last Sat night, and out of the corner of my eye, caught the tassle-tie on my shorts move. At first I was like “What the heck?!?”, and then it happened again. For 45 minutes, I just sat there and watched my belly get poked from the inside – left, right, bottom, all over. It was amazing, but I also kept thinking of the 1980s “Alien” movies where the alien bursts out of people’s stomachs. I just can’t believe she’s big enough to make herself known like that! Ever since then I’ve been catching the view from above – watching those arms and legs move around in all kinds of different places. Definitely my amazing pregnancy thing of the week….

Oh, and the Wii Fit update of the week – all totaled I’ve gained 11 pounds! And of course, the sad chime told me again that I was overweight :)

One of our fun things of the week was that last Sunday, Matt and I were invited to a minor league baseball game/crab feast with his work group out at Ripken Stadium. We were excited to go – first since we’ve never been to an IronBirds game at the stadium, but also because it was one of the first times we’ve been back to the stadium since our wedding (we had our reception there). It was really cool to be back – I’ll admit that the place is pretty nostalgic for us. And it was cool to watch a game being played, and realize that in our tuxedo and wedding dress, we got to run around the bases once before too :) It was a fun afternoon, hanging out with friends, eating crabs and watching baseball. A good Maryland kind of day :)

Anyways… must be running off. But I’ll leave you our most recent belly pic and a pic of us at the stadium last weekend. Definitely different than our last photos there ;)

1. 23 weeks #1
2. 23 weeks #2
3. The view from up here... can still see the toes :)
4. Kim and Matt at Ripken Stadium

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Parental realization #357...

... our pre-teen/teenage daughter will not be allowed to hang out with her friends at the mall on a Friday night.

Matt and I came to this realization this past Friday night as we walked through White Marsh Mall. We often head to the mall on Friday nights just to walk around or window shop (and take a peek at the dogs at the pet store) before we go out to dinner. And everytime we go, we feel noticeably old since 80% of the mall's population on Friday nights are teenage girls and boys just 'hanging out'. Groups of girls surreptitiously following groups of boys around, boys 'pretending' not to notice, but definitely noticing, and following the girls around too. In some ways, it's comical. Of course, Matt and I were teenagers once before too, and either hung out at the mall, or in the Hardees parking lot, or downtown Annapolis checking out the midshipmen (that's Kim looking at the midshipmen, not Matt). And we thought we were cool once too.

But now that we're married and young 30-somethings, we have officially turned into our parents. The boys at the mall have their hair too long, pants lower than their butts, or those new slim fit boys jeans (that look like they're meant for girls) and those crazy ear piercings that put button size holes in their lobes. And the girls are wearing too tight clothes, that show too much cleavage, and too short skirts with too much makeup. And their language is a bit appalling. It's not like we never noticed this before - but last night, it hit us a little too hard. One of those teenage girls could be our teenage girl in 13 years.

So, when one of the girl cliques passed us, we both looked at each other, and were thinking the same exact thing... our daughter will not be going to the mall unsupervised on a Friday night with her friends. And she won't date until she's 30. Matt and I are going to be thought of as the worst and most unfair parents in the world :) But Matt did bring up a good point - in 13 years, maybe online shopping will have become so popular that malls won't exist anymore, and then our problem is solved. But I'm sure there will be another hang out spot to worry about....

Saturday, July 4, 2009

22 weeks - oh my goodness!

Happy July 4th! And happy 22 weeks to our tadpole!

So what's been happening in the last week or so? Well, for one thing, our little girl is moving a lot more these days. She has her more active times, around 10:30am, between 4 and 6pm, and then later at night after 10 (if I'm still awake to feel her!). She's pretty predictable - kind of strange. But the pokes are starting to get a little more forceful. Can't wait until we can feel her on the outside, and then Matt can feel her too. According to one website, our tadpole is weighing just under a pound now and is about eight inches from crown to rump. Though her eyes are still closed, she can perceive light and dark, and amazingly, she can hear my voice, heartbeat, and gurgling stomach. With the way I talk to myself endlessly, and my crazy stomach noises, it must be loud in there!

I'm getting bigger too - I wore my first maternity clothes this week. I finally got tired of holding my regular pants together with rubberbands and safety pins. And... oh my! Are these clothes comfortable! Bring on the elastic waist band! With a growing belly though, my back has started to feel more achy too. I don't know what I'm going to do in a few months when I'm really big! Do they make super-sized back supporters like the guys at Home Depot used to wear?

Had my latest doctors appointment last Tuesday, and everything seems to be going well. It was the first time the doc measured my belly, and it seems to be growing right on track. The baby's heartbeat was still strong at 155bpm, and I'm slowly gaining weight. At the doctor's, I've gained 6 lbs, and by my Wii Fit this morning (my weekly Saturday weigh-in) I've gained 8 lbs. Using the Wii Fit is actually funny - obviously it's a game to get you active and LOSE weight. But the balance board is used as a scale too (and I don't own a real scale). Pre-pregnancy, when it measured my weight and BMI, the little scale bar raised, made a cute chiming noise, and said "Great, that's normal!". Lately, the little bar raises, the game makes a sad chiming noise, and says "Oh, that's overweight!" Then it tries to tell me, since I'm 'overweight' that I should set a goal for a lower BMI. I then throw it for a loop and set my goal to be 2 lbs HEAVIER in the next 2 weeks (a healthy pregnancy weight gain). This game has no idea WHAT is going on! I'm waiting for what it might say when I'm 9 months pregnant and have gained 25 lbs ... something like "Hold up big Fatty Fatterson! You've completely let yourself go - I'm giving up!"

On a final note... now that we know our tadpole is a baby GIRL, our nursery ideas have really been flowing lately. We got some cool ideas for fun wall decals online, and then last night we went to Lowes to buy our tadpole a ceiling fan (nothing says "I love you" like a ceiling fan!), and took a look at some nursery decal/peel-able wallpaper books, and paint samples. We had so much fun! We got some cute ideas, and about 25 paint samples (I'm not kidding!). We're still not sure if we're going to go with a theme or not, but we're narrowing things down. This is such a fun part of getting ready for baby girl!

I must check out for now... gotta get ready for our day. We're going to Matt's cousin's annual 4th of July party at her house on the water in Middle River. We've been going for 5 years now, and it's just a fun time. There's nearly 150 people or more hanging out on her front lawn, relaxing, playing volleyball/horseshoes, and eating pit beef and awesome food to your hearts content. My kind of day :)

Welcome Baby Emma!

Matt and I wanted to send our congratulations to my cousin Laura and her husband Wes on the arrival of their first baby - Emma Kathryn Odom! Emma is the latest girl to be added to the Miller clan, and she is definitely a cutie, as all the others have been too. She arrived Saturday June 27. I went to visit Laura (and Wes and Emma) at the hospital last Sunday, and everyone is doing great - and healthy!

So I got to thinking this week... my niece Kaelyn (who is already 6 months old! Yay Kaelyn!), Emma, and our little tadpole, are all going to be less than a year apart in age. It will be neat to see them grow up together, and I can totally see the 3 of them hanging out at family functions, and playing Barbies for hours on end like Kristin, Laura and I used to do. Laura and Wes live about 5 minutes away from Matt and I too, so our little girls will definitely have to plan some play-dates!

Congratulations Laura and Wes!