Thursday, November 26, 2009

She's here!!!

Matt and I are so happy and proud to announce that our precious daughter, Jillian Kimberly Hatfield, is finally here!! Jillian was born on Tuesday November 17, 2009 at 2:43pm, weighing 7lbs 13oz, and 21 inches long.
I know that many of you have already heard our wonderful news, either from email, phone, family, or friends, but I wanted to officially post it to the blog. As usual, it's taken me some time to actually post the details of her birth :)

As stubborn as she was in the womb, Jillian was just as stubborn in coming out of the womb. We like to kid that at first, she didn't know what direction she was supposed to go in, and then once she was well-directed, she didn't know quite how to come out :) We eventually had to have her induced, which began on Monday night (11/16), and would have continued likely into the evening of the 17th. But in pure Jillian-fashion - she wanted to make a dramatic appearance. I was induced starting with a gel on Monday night, which should have allowed me to get a somewhat decent night's sleep before the pitocin was added to induce contractions in the morning. Turns out the gel was all that I needed to push me over the edge for labor. I started contracting within about 45 minutes, and things started to get pretty painful from there on out. My contractions were one on top of the other, without a break in between, and they actually gave me some medicine to calm them down, since they were putting stress on the baby's heart rate. I finally couldn't take the pain anymore (and God bless the women who actually go through a fully natural labor without drugs), and got an epidural at 3:30am. Luckily, that allowed me to rest before the morning. At about 8am, my doctor came in, and found that despite my contractions, I wasn't progressing , and the baby was still having heart rate drops with each contraction, which concerned her. Because of the heart rate problems, she told us that if things didn't improve, we would likely have to have a c-section. That made me sad, but at that point, I had felt the pain of what contractions were, had the short experience of labor, and was just concerned with getting her out safely and in good health. I had my water broken, and we just proceeded from there to see what would happen in the next couple hours.

Turns out, things went quickly from there. Jillian's heart rate began to stabilize, and I started to dilate quickly. We thought we wouldn't deliver until the evening, but Jillian had other plans. We didn't need to have a c-section after all, and would be able to deliver the old-fashioned way. By 1pm, I was fully dilated, and ready to push. After an hour and 15min of pushing, out she came! My goodness, it was the most amazing experience. I can't even begin to describe it. Both Matt and I were able to watch her come out, and overall it was just a miracle. I don't know how anyone could not believe in God after witnessing such an awesome miracle.
So here she is!!! And what everyone says is true - we can't imagine going back to life without her. In the week that she's been here, it's been a whole lot of work, and certainly alot of healing for Mommy, but it's all worth it to see that cute little face. With all of her crazy expressions, we like to call her the baby of a thousand faces. Some are just priceless, and I love the ones I get especially when I'm getting ready to feed her. Can't get enough.

So here are a couple of pictures that we want to share of her first arrival, and first week with us here. Hope that you all enjoy them!!
Love to all,
Matt, Kim and Jillian

1. Fresh out of the womb
2. Mommy and Jillian just after birth
3. Daddy and Jillian
4. My first bath
5. Ready for the Ravens game!!! Go Ed Reed!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Not even close to labor

As you can tell - the hospital didn't keep me today :)

However, the fetal monitoring this morning went great. We arrived at the hospital and were there for about an hour. The nurses hooked me up to a couple monitors and did what was called a non-stress test - they kept track for about 30 min or so how the baby was moving as compared to her heartrate, and whether I was having any contractions. And all was good. The baby was definitely moving around and her heartrate was strong and coordinated with her movement. So, first test -passed! The second test was an ultrasound to measure the amount of amniotic fluid in my uterus to make sure the baby had a good 'cushion' and that everything was healthy inside. Fortunately, there is plenty of fluid around her, and she looks good. She's also still head down! Good girl! So second test - passed!

However, based on the monitoring, there was no indication at all that I was in active labor :( Darn it! I had only one real contraction the whole time I was hooked up, and a number of normal, irregular contractions that the monitor picked up, but I couldn't really feel. After many questions to the nurse, it turns out that all the contractions I had last night were just false labor, and Braxton Hicks (practice) contractions since there was really no pain associated with them. The nurse midwife assured me that with real contractions, I would know the difference :) So, now we just wait until Monday. I guess the magic 8 ball wasn't completely correct after all...

It's entirely possible that I could still go into labor before we are induced Monday night. And I'm kind of hoping for that. But, if it doesn't work that way, we are scheduled to go in to the hospital at 8pm Monday night to start the induction, and by Tuesday afternoon/evening, we should have a baby! One way or another, she will be here in the next few days... and I'm sure that we'll look back and laugh at all the anguish we've put ourselves through in the meantime just waiting for her to arrive :)

41 weeks...

One week overdue - sheesh!
Last Wednesday, we had a doctor's appt, and so far, no further progress had been made. I was still 1.5cm dilated, and 70% effaced - and have been that way for 2 weeks. So my doctor and I talked about being induced. She suggested that she doesn't want us to go much past 41 weeks due to the increase in potential complications, so she scheduled us for some fetal monitoring at the hospital on Saturday (today) just to make sure that the baby is still doing okay, and that the amniotic fluid levels are still good, and also scheduled us for an induction on Monday night if the baby doesn't decide to come before then.

So, just wanted to give you an update that we are heading to the hospital this morning for the fetal monitoring, and hopefully will get a good report. Actually, I'm hoping that they decide to keep us and that I'm in labor and don't quite know it :) Wishful thinking???? I don't know. I was having contractions most of last night from 8p until 2am, but it was no more than 6-8 min apart. Matt and I were walking around Target last night to help move the baby along, and having contractions the whole time. We kidded that it would be funny if my water broke in Target - but honestly I wouldn't have minded :) In the toy section, we found a magic 8 ball, and asked our questions. I asked "Am I really in labor, but just not know it yet?" The answer was "Without a doubt". Great!!! Matt asked a similar question about whether we were going to have the baby before Monday, and the 8 ball said "All directions point to yes". Double great!! So if we trust the magic 8 ball, we're set :) However, after a pretty sleepless night, I'm not really having contractions today, so we'll just have to see. But maybe....

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

40 weeks, 3 days and counting...

Baby girl is officially overdue! Our due date was last Saturday Nov 7th, so Matt and I have been waiting patiently every day since... is today the day? And hasn't been. So we're literally taking it day by day, and hour by hour, waiting for those first real contractions to begin...

Sorry for the lack of an update since Friday. We actually have been without our home computer since Sunday. Long story short, we got a pretty serious virus that has now wiped out our computer. Luckily we were able to recover our photos and important files to our external hard drive in time, but we've now had to buy a new computer a little sooner than what we had thought. I'm so glad that Matt is so educated on computers - a new computer has been on our radar the past few months, so he knew exactly what we needed for our next one, and we were able to order another one from Dell that will hopefully be here in a few weeks. Right now, we're working off of our work laptops, which are a little less convenient to get online with, but at least functional. It's surprising how dependent we are to the internet! Not being able to just run to the computer room and check our email quickly has been hard to deal with!

Anywho - we just wanted to let you all know that we aren't parents quite yet. You could say that she's still 'marinating' :) Matt and I spent our due date taking long walks around Costco, Target and White Marsh Mall, but to no avail. I officially started maternity leave on Monday, hoping it would jinx her into coming, but that didn't work either. So I've been running errands and keeping on my feet the past 2 days in order to get her moving. It's actually been nice to have the time off too :) Sick leave without actually being sick is great! Anyhow, my latest trick today was to eat spicy Chinese food for lunch, so maybe that will jumpstart things too. Who knows. We've gotten so many ideas of 'tricks to try' to induce labor - my least favorite of which is drinking castor oil (sorry Alyssa!) - so I may actually be trying a few at once very soon. I have my next doctors appointment tomorrow afternoon (wednesday), and if we haven't gone to the hospital by then, at least we'll get an idea of how we're progressing. If we're not progressing, I guess we will have some discussions about being induced. I don't think my doctor wants me to go much longer than a week late, so we'll see what happens. I kind of hope that the baby is able to decide on her own when she'd like to make her debut, but if she needs a little help to keep her healthy... that's good enough for me! We're just praying that she comes out healthy - no matter how she comes out!

We'll keep you updated... again - not too much longer now!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Still cookin'...

I don't think that I've been a more popular person ever than what I've been this week! So many emails, phone calls and facebook posts from friends and family who are on the edge of their seats... is it time? I haven't heard from you in a while - are you in labor? Is there a baby yet?

Then, to their dismay, when I actually answer the phone, reply to their email, or answer the facebook post, they realize - no baby yet. And I'm realizing that I have to be pretty fast in replying... two friends of mine were thinking yesterday was the day when I didn't reply to their emails as quickly (or at all) like I normally do. I wholeheartedly apologize to both of you... believe me, you'll be some of the first to know when we get in the car and are driving to the hospital :) Our families actually have a contest going on too with guesses as to when the baby will arrive. Everyday I have to break the bad news that those who picked that day didn't win the contest. Honestly, you'd think that we were giving away a cruise, or a toys r us shopping spree to the winner with how competitive the adults AND kids are!

So, as of 9am on Fri Nov 6th - there is no baby yet. No contractions going on either. Just status quo. Baby girl is quite content where she is, and has made no indication that she wants to leave what must be some really nice digs in my belly. Now that she's head down too, it's probably like a whole new universe to explore. What's that new thing that I can poke at? Hmmm...haven't seen things from this angle before! As a result, she's become quite fond of my bladder in recent days -her head butts or little punches aren't so pleasant, and send Mommy to the bathroom once an hour sometimes. It was a fun night of driving home from work on Tuesday night, when in the span of an hour on I-95, I had to stop first at a Quality Inn, and then at a travel plaza McDonald's to use the bathroom. And it wasn't the casual stroll on in to either place - it was a sprinting bee-line in to both facilities with barely a chance to lock the car. I was honestly driving thru the Ft McHenry tunnel praying that I wouldn't pee myself. What a show!

But all in all - Matt and I are just as anxious as you all are to meet this little one, and know that she's on her way! Yesterday, I just sat in her nursery for a while, rocking in the glider, thinking that this wasn't just a baby-decorated guest room anymore - it was going to actually be someone's 'room' in a few days, and that she'd be sitting with me in the rocker too, or sleeping in her crib, and actually wearing the clothes that are in her closet. It's so amazing - life is literally going to do a complete 180 for us. It's hard to process all of the emotions that that entails - excitement, anxiety, happiness, fear, excitement for the future, longing for the past. And LOVE. We haven't met her yet, but our hearts are going to automatically make a huge place for her, and be able to contain all the love we have for her. Oh my, I have to stop - I'm tearing up.

So, I think that we will officially make the 40 week mark tomorrow. But we will certainly find a way to let you all know when we do go into labor, or when our little miracle has arrived. It shouldn't be much longer now...

Monday, November 2, 2009

39 weeks! Almost there...

I can’t believe November is finally here! Ever since we found out we were pregnant in March, we’ve been thinking of November…and it’s here! Oh boy! I’m just happy that we’ve made it this far, and the baby is still doing well. I know that it's selfish, but I was hoping all weekend not to have baby girl's birthday be on Halloween, so we successfully passed that. And more importantly, we just wanted to make it thru this past weekend since Matt's parents were out of town, and we didn't want them to miss the birth :) So, now that it's November, baby girl can come whenever she'd like!

And at 39 weeks, I can honestly say we’re ready :) Baby girl’s room is finished and all the furniture is in, all of her clothes/towels/sheets that she’ll need right away are washed, Mom has her bag packed (see more details later), Dad went out and bought a new spiffy camera (I think he’s channeling his Uncle Jack), both Mom and Dad can’t wait to meet her, and now we’re just waiting for her to decide to meet us. Of course, I’ve found little things to keep me occupied – some last minute shopping, feeling the need to organize her dresser drawers a little better, just one more load of laundry (for baby, Mom and Dad), picking up the house just in case we end up having to leave on a whim, etc. I think that I made my last trip to Target tonight – but don’t quote me on that :). Having Target a mile away is evil…

Last night however at around 2 am, we thought the time might be here! I woke up with some crazy hip and back pain/cramps, couldn’t get comfortable to save my life, and noticed some contractions (not painful but there). I started timing them, and they were every 7-8 min or so, and only lasted like 30-60 seconds. I sat up in bed to be more comfortable, and couldn't get back to sleep since I was watching the clock. Then I also started worrying profusely that mine and Matt's bags weren't packed, so I decided that it was time to REALLY pack my bag for the hospital in case we were to end up going (I'm such a procastinator!), and before contractions started to get closer together. There I was in the middle of the night, running around in the dark, packing clothes, snacks, toiletries, ipod, etc, just in case. I tried to be quiet enough to let Matt sleep in case the real fun was going to begin, but I was probably about as quiet as a tornado. He did wake up a couple times to check on me (and also try and calm me down), but pregnant lady in crazy mode was not about to stop until she was finished. Little did I know, but he told me tonight that he was pretending to sleep in hopes that it would influence me to calm down and just try to rest. Nope, didn’t work ;) I guess everything just distracted me, b/c by the time I was done (and finished eating 2 corn muffins - I was starving!), and had sat for a little while in bed, I only felt one or two more contractions, didn’t feel the back pain anymore, and eventually fell asleep. So I guess it was false labor. But I was thinking for sure that we were on our way :) Oh well... soon enough. At least I got my bag packed :) I was going to go into work, but Matt convinced me to work from home today just in case anything more should happen. Turns out nothing exciting happened all day – so I guess baby girl is still very content with where she is right now.

As for our weekend – we had a nice one. We doggie-sat for Matt’s parents dog Molly, and also had a fun time with our bible study group on Friday night at a pumpkin carving contest party. Our pumpkin didn’t win :(, but I think we did a great job! We had a decent showing of trick-or-treaters on Halloween, and Sunday was a day of relaxing and tying up the last loose ends of being ready for baby. Both Saturday and Sunday night were so nice – Matt and I just hung out on the couch both nights enjoying each others company, and time alone. We won’t have too many more nights of that for a long time ;)

As the week progresses, I’ll try to keep you all updated… if not by blog, maybe by phone, email, facebook or word of mouth that baby girl has arrived!

Oh, and I had to show you too what I couldn't pass up tonight in the dollar section at Target... can't wait to see baby girl in this :)